Be inspired to jump on-board with WDC

WDC currently has an inspirational group of divers in the Diving New Zealand team, about to take to the international stage for several Fina events - Gold Coast Grand Prix, Malaysia Grand Prix & Oceania Champs ... and they all started in beginner lessons! 

They've each shared a little of their springboard diving journey so far (L to R):

Feng-Yang Li - I began my diving at the age of five & I strongly believe that if you have a dream, go for it. Maybe sometimes you feel tired, hurt or injured but you must remember why you began the journey. Competing at both Gold Coast & Malaysia Grand Prix events & Oceania Champs.

Nayeli Marull - I've been diving since primary school when I tried it out to see if that might help me enjoy swimming more. I loved it & have since worked my way up through all levels from beginners to elite where I have been training at least five days a week for the past few years. As well as having a passion for the sport, diving has taught me some great life lessons - perseverance, resiliance, managing the embarrasment of 100's of dives that go wrong, recovering from injuries & getting through mental blocks. My next focus is getting (hopefully) to a Grand Prix. Competing at the Oceania Champs.

Anton Down-Jenkins - Anton was 10yrs old when he came for his first Have-a-go session with WDC. With surf lifesaving, swimming & water polo being his thing, as well as being keen on flips, it was a natural progression to the springboards. It was a great combination of trampolining & gymnastics. Through his strong training/work ethic he progressed through all levels of training & first represented NZ at the Grand Prix in Canada in 2017. Anton is currently in his 2nd years of a diving scholarship at University of South Carolina. Competing in the Malaysia Grand Prix & Oceania Champs.

Yu Qian Goh - For anyone looking to start diving I'd say - give it a go! It's an exciting & challenging sport & it's lots of fun! Enjoying what you do & taking all the opportunities that come along with it is so important. As we gear up for the Grand Prix events & Oceania Champs, I could be more excited - it's a fantastic opportunity to get back out on the international scene & to dive amongst the best in the world - so keen & ready for it! Yu Qian is currently in her 3rd year of a diving scholarship at University of South Carolina. Competing in the Malaysia Grand Prix & Oceania Champs.

Arno Lee - I started diving when I was 7yrs old because I like swimming & gymnastics and diving is a great combination of those. I started as a beginner & with a lot of hard work, focus & commitment, in 2018 I was selected to compete at my first international competition - the World Jnr Champs in Kiev, Ukraine. Competing at both Gold Coast & Malaysia Grand Prix events & Oceania Champs.

24th Jul
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