Adults Squad is for anyone aged 16yrs+ and ALL diving levels welcome! Whether you are new to diving, have some experience or want to try different forms of functional movement for your body - this is the squad for you! Our Adults Squad provides an environment where coaches can offer more informative instruction (along with practical) because of the age bracket. 

These 90 minute sessions include but are not limited to:

- Different kind of fitness

- Learning skills and mechanics

- Dryland and water training

- Progression at an individual pace 

- Fun, Challenging and Social

Over the years we have seen adults join who are ex-divers, new faces and people inbetween of all ages (and we mean ALL) and levels. We encourage you to try things out your comfort zone.

Athletes are also able to participate in Masters Diving events nationally. Talk to any of the coaches for more information - there are also athletes competing in FINA Masters Diving internationally!

We invite you to join our squad on Saturdays 10:30am-12pm. 

Note: 10 trip concession card available - $180.